The Kris Project (2015 – 2020)

The Kris Project is a project series in progress. This project includes research and presentation of various art works derives from film industry of the then Malaya (now Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore), Hong Kong and Taiwan during the 1950s to 1960s (one of the very few Golden Era of Chinese films that goes beyond geographical boundaries). Working extensively with archives and field research, The Kris Project re-imagine history and attempt to unleash “phantoms” hidden behind ruptures of the “glamorous” film industry as well as the hidden political states during the cold war period. The Kris Project also re-examine mutations of culture subjectivity and how history was written. It will eventually turning upside down of what were shaped and bounded today, and allowing a space to re-examine and re-question constructed ideologies and boundaries. It is a “remapping” project, particularly in “remapping” time.

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