Kris Project I: The Never Ending Tale of Maria, Tin Mine, Spices and the Harimau (2016)

kp1.10Kris Project I: The Never Ending Tale of Maria, Tin Mine, Spices and the Harimau / 克里斯計劃I:瑪利亞、錫礦、香料與虎

Single Channel Video/Objects/Documents/Index Cards/Light boxes
(This Work is produced with the generous support of Rockbund Art Museum.)

A joyous song by the iconic singer Grace Chang (Ge Lan) – “The World as One Family” – serves as a prelude to The Kris Project I.  Continuing on with the threads in the Mengkerang Project and using imaginary film studio as it’s base, the artist continues to imagine, explore, examine, and explore the issues of “cultural subjectivity” of Malaysia and its neighboring countries. In so doing, it brings out the subtle connections between 1950s and 1960s Asian/Malaysian film industries (such as MP&GI, Cathay and the Shaw Brothers) and the history of the Cold War. Using “film” as a method, it juxtaposes film images from various time and places, attempting to escape from linear historical narratives and arrive at the margins of historical memories by means of estranging narratives about the other. The Kris Project I deconstructs the narratives of Indian epic Ramayana along with many other folklores. It creates a “pseudo-film” by separating sound and image, displacing time and space, as well as adding found documents and images collected by the director (Ravi) – thereby allowing viewers to build an awareness of images on their own and to seek out personal readings of history. (excerpted from program book of “Tell Me a Story: Locality and Narratives“at Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, co-curated by Amy Cheng and Hsieh Feng-Rong)


kris project in tainankp1.2


— Production Credits of Single Channel Video —

a video by Ravi (through Au Sow-Yee, his heteronym)

producer: Alison Khor

cinematographer: Lim Chee Yong

voiceover: Shanthini Venugopal

music: Sandra Tavali


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