Kris Project II / If the Party Goes On. Prelude: To the Party (2016)

If the Party Goes On. 序曲:To the Party
If the party goes on. Prelude: To the Party

Video, text. Length: 4’41’’

(Quoted from Portrait Portrait @ Taipei Contemporary Art Centre)

【肖像擺 – 作品介紹:If the Party Goes On. 序曲:To the Party】
《If the party goes on. 序曲》是區秀詒在本展覽中發表的首部曲,該計畫也是《克里斯計劃》的第二階段。從Ravi遺留在棉佳蘭叢林裡「克里斯電影工作室」中的手稿為主要文本架構,藝術家從一個未竟的場景裡——國泰電懋董事長陸運濤由於1964年神岡空難的關係,錯失原訂在圓山大飯店的一場影界大老聚會——展開對冷戰歷史後場線索的再連繫。國泰電懋這間跨國電影工業公司所得以揭示的冷戰權力佈局、個體到國族的文化主體間各種邊界的演繹,將從這個序曲獲得相關暗示:關於地方、文化、信仰、資源、掠奪等。

【Portrait Portrait – work introduction: If the party goes on. Prelude: To the Party】
If the Party Goes On: Prelude is the second phase to Au Sow-Yee’s ongoing Kris Project, and the first part of her presentation in this exhibition. Picking up on incidents from the film history during the 1950s and 1960s, Au reinterprets post-Cold War politics through Ravi’s script If the Party Goes On from the Kris Film Studio in the Mengkerang forest, and a party that could never take place. Loke Wan Tho, chairman of the film giant Cathay-MP&GI, missed the party at the Grand Hotel due to the Shengang air crash in 1964. Filled with top members of the movie industry, the particular event, and Loke’s company could be seen as a map to understanding the distribution of power in the Cold War. The performative borders of individual and national subjectivities are revealed, and The Prelude allows us an intimate view of Au’s assessment of place, culture, faith, resource and exploitation.


Production Team: 

Production Manager / Wardrobe / Props: Alison Khor 艾立森
Cinematographer: Lim Chee Yong 林志勇
Music: Sandra Tavali 李婉菁
Dancer: Azmie Zanal Abdden
Production Assistant: Yizai Seah 謝鎮逸


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