1.1 Tiger Cave (2020)

part of The Extreme Journey of Perwira and the Calm Sea: In 3 Acts                    

靜海武士的極盡旅程(三幕劇)之 1.1 老虎洞 * supported by The Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture

Japanese intelligence agent Tani Yutaka, a member of the F agency, one of Japan’s intelligence agencies in the 1940s, spoke fluent Malay. In 1911, he was born in Fukuoka, Japan, and later moved with his parents in northeastern Malaysia, where he became a bandit to avenge his younger sister’s death. Tani Yutaka’s story has been filmed in 1943 and 1989 and adapted into the television series “Bandit Harimau” (快傑ハリマオ)in 1960 and 1961. “Harimau” (ハリオ) is known as Malay word for “Tiger.” The series re-imagine Tani Yutaka’s journey on the sea and in his life. As a reference to the South, the tiger is also Japan’s mental appearance attached to its human figures on the map of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. During the Japanese occupation, Taiwan was considered the northernmost spot of the South, and how did Taiwan view the further South? A sleeping tiger is like the sleeping South, the hot, lazy, and unprogressive periphery. “Malayan Tigers” in the tropical rainforest are still named after the colonists, and they drowsily continue their journey to the uncharted fields in their human forms.

日籍情報員谷豐(Tani Yutaka)為1940年代日本情報部門之一F機關的一員,說得一口流利馬來語,1911年在日本福岡出生後即隨父母到馬來半島東北部生活,為了報妹妹被殺之仇而變成俠盜。谷豐的故事曾於1943年和1989年被拍成電影,並於1960 到1961年間改編成電視劇「快傑ハリマオ」。「ハリマオ」為馬來語中的老虎—Harimau—之擬音。此系列作品重新想像谷豐的海上和人生旅程。 虎作為南方的指涉,亦是日本在大東亞共榮圈的版圖上,用以附身於人形上的精神皮層。日治時期被視為南方最北端的臺灣,又如何看待更南的南方。沈睡的虎就像是沈睡的南方,炎熱、慵懶不上進的邊境之南。熱帶雨林中依然以殖民者命名的「馬來亞之虎」(Malayan Tiger),在半夢半醒之間,以他的人形附身繼續未明的旅程。

Animator and 3D Animator: WU Ting-Yi / Music and Sound: CHEN YowRuu / Sound Design for Sleeping Tiger: Vicky OU

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